My Goal


My main goal is to provide an authentic learning experience for each of my students based on their individual needs and desires. I am committed to empowering my students by giving them the knowledge and skill to achieve all that they dream of through the magic of ballroom dance lessons. I can apply the highest standards of CREATIVITY, INTEGRITY & QUALITY to fulfill all your dancing needs and desires.



My Teaching


Whatever your aims in learning to dance, and whatever your level of natural aptitude, I want you to learn to dance as well as you possibly can. I'll make sure you feel confident of the material you're learning, and I'll make sure you continue to progress at a pace that's comfortable for you.


Your main learning activity will be your private lessons, where I will look after your tuition and dance with you. On your private lessons, I will introduce new material, and will revise, refine, and improve material from previous lessons.

Teaching in private lessons let me teach every single lesson slightly differently. It let me adjust the pace and the style of delivery to suit your own individual learning style, and it let me tailor the content of your dance program to suit you. It also gives you plenty of flexibility with your lesson times - you can take them at fixed times each week, or I can fit around your schedule from one week to the next. If you travel a lot, you'll never miss out on material. If you learn quickly, you'll never be held back by other learners. And if you learn more slowly, you'll never feel left behind.


Aside from your own lessons, I also organize practice classes where you consolidate what you learn during your private lessons. You'll meet other students who are learning at about the same level as you, and your partnership skills will improve by dancing with a variety of partners.

On top of all that, I have regular social events so you get to use your dancing and meet lots of other people who love it too.



I think I have the best job in the world!

I get to work with great people, on their time off,

in a social environment, with music playing.

I keep myself fit and trim at all times.

I get to share something I love with other people.

And I want you to love it as much as I do.


Your personal dance coach,


Knut Taenzer