Welcome to your personal dance instruction!



Put a lot of fun in your life! Dancing does it! Come dance with me!


  • I can make it easy for you and fun to learn!
  • Feel home on any dance floor with any partner ! Qualified instruction is the key!
  • Let a certified teaching specialist start you dancing today !
  • I put you in touch with today's most popular dances . You can learn everything from: traditional Ballroom to Disco, Argentine Tango to West Coast Swing, Nightclub to the latest Latin dances.
  • I can take you from a non-dancer status to a comfortable social dancer , or even to a competitive hobby dancer . The choice is yours.
  • In addition, each personalized lesson is taught step-by-step at your own pace .
  • I will guide you to make your dancing easy, fun and exciting.
  • My proven system includes private lessons , class lessons and practice lessons . My teaching method will have you dancing in no time , even after your first lesson.


Many people miss out on the joys of dancing and socializing simply because they have never been shown the method that makes it easy and fun.

With my creative and surprisingly simple way of learning you're dancing almost before you know it.


You start with the basic steps and movements , then match them with the rhythm of the music , get helpful hints about leading and following skills , and ... you will feel comfortable on the dance floor right from the beginning.


When you dance for fun you get a bonus ...aerobic excercise which promotes your good health . Each lesson is designed to incorporate the primary elements of balance and movement. Your muscular and cardiovascular systems become toned and conditioned. You benefit from the low impact exercise that helps you stay trim, conditions your muscles and improves your circulation.


Your new sense of balance and confidence show in your everyday movements. You begin to move with the grace and purpose of a trained athlete.