Tailor made dance packages for your personal goals and wishes!



Individual lessons


You can choose from units of 50, 80 or 110 minutes at the studio or 75, 90 or 120 minutes at your provided location.

Price: on request



Starter Pack


My Starter Pack is designed to give you a little taste of what I teach and how I teach it. This "get to know" pack includes:


  • 2 private lessons (50 mins. each)
  • 2 group lessons (partner dance or dance fitness)
  • 2 practice classes


Price: € 155,--/single ladies, € 185,--/couples



You can take your first two private lessons , in which you'll meet the basics of three to four dances in different styles. You also get to join two group/practice classes , where you'll review what you've learnt on your private lessons and practise dancing your new steps with other people who have just started learning.


You don't need any experience , you don't need any special clothing or equipment, and you don't need a partner . You can book your Starter Pack here and get started whenever it suits you .


On the second private lesson of your Starter Pack, I'll give you enrolment details for the next course of lessons, the Planner Pack.


If you need to learn a single dance to perform to a particular piece of music for your wedding or some other one-off event, the Starter Pack may not suit you, especially if time is tight.  If you have plenty of time, then I'd love you to come in and take a Sampler to explore a few different dances.  But if time is an issue, you might be better off taking either the Standard Wedding Pack or Deluxe Wedding Pack. These are designed to develop one dance for a pair of beginners to perform at fairly short notice, even if the event is not actually your wedding.



Planner Pack


The Planner Pack is the second course of lessons for beginners (it comes after the Starter Pack). It includes


  • 4 private lessons (50 mins. each)
  • planning time
  • 4 group lessons (partner dance or dance fitness)
  • 4 practice classes


Price: € 295,--/single ladies, € 355,--/couples


Here's what happens during your Planner Pack:


  • you learn more about dancing and about how I teach;
  • I will learn more about what you want and how you learn;
  • you and me both learn more about what you like and what you're good at;
  • armed with that information, I throw around some ideas and suggestions and develop a plan for your learning.


At the end of your Planner Pack, you'll have your own learning plan tailored to suit your learning, your aims, and your preferences



Tailored Learning Plans


Once you've completed your initial lesson packs, your learning will progress according to a plan developed by your own teacher in collaboration with you.  Depending on why you start learning, you may start off with individual lessons, a Starter Pack or a Planner Pack.  Whatever way you start, your teacher will work with you to develop a plan for your continued learning.


As time goes on, your preferences and priorities may change, so your plan is always open to review.  I schedule review lessons every dozen private lessons as an opportunity for feedback in both directions.  I need you to give me feedback, to let me know how you feel about your progress, what you're enjoying most, what you're finding difficult, and so on.  I'll give you some feedback about your progress since the last review, with suggestions and recommendations to keep you moving forward and improving.


As you approach the later stages of your current learning plan, I'll again collaborate with you to develop a plan for the next stage of your learning.


There is a huge range of dances for you to choose from, so I have the scope to give you good variety in your learning no matter what your preferences and aims.





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