What is TABAIO Fitness?


TABAIO Dance Fitness is a unique concept and exclusively taught by associated professionals and studios. It combines ALL AMERICAN DANCE styles partner free & FUNCTIONAL FITNESS to give you MAXIMUM results!

Each class is different at TABAIO Fitness so your body never adapts & is always changing! This unique workout will tone & tighten muscles you never even knew you had! The combination of cardio, toning, plyometrics, dance drills & stamina training is why TABAIO Fitness is getting more popular! It’s for everyone…including YOU!

Dance Your Way Into Fitness Today!

Burning up to 800 CALORIES in every class!


This video is showing you the "Cuban Motion" hip movement a core element of TABAIO Fitness as used in American Rhythm Styles of dancing.











Knut Tänzer

TABAIO developer