Dance Escort

Your gentleman host for any occassion!


Do you have a social event or function to attend, such as a charity ball, a social gala, or something similar, that dancing is a part of?

Do you require a dance partner on holiday?


I am your skilled knowledgeable, well groomed, properly attired dance partner, proficient in virtually all Ballroom, Latin and Swing dances.


I will arrive at the specified dance venue on time, dressed and ready for an evening of social partner dancing. While at that venue I would be your exclusive dance partner, dancing any and all dances that you would wish to dance.


You would be responsible for any admission charges or fees to have me there. In addition, there is a minimum charge of € 99,-- for two hours.



This is a unique, highly specialized service I offer.

My standards and integrity are of the highest level.

Thank you for your consideration.


Simply contact me for your dance arrangement,

you won’t be disappointed!


Your personal dance coach & dance companion


Knut Taenzer


Mobile phone: 0176-5136-3046