Look Stylish on the Wedding Dance Floor!


As your wedding dance specialist I care about helping you look your best for your wedding dance.

Though it may feel daunting, I know how to guide you and make learning to dance easy and fun. I can help you make your wedding dance a special and memorable experience. I can prepare you for that first romantic waltz, sexy rumba or smooth nichtclub two step.

While being a long term wedding tradition, in the past few years the Bridal Dance has taken on more significance, with much greater expectations being placed on the bride and groom to mark the start of their new life together with a beautiful dance rather than just shuffle around the dance floor for a couple of minutes. When it’s all over, your guests will never remember the colour of the napkins or the taste of the cake – but they will talk forever about the way you gazed into each others eyes while dancing that first dance together.


As most couples have at least one of them who has never danced Ballroom or Latin before, I provide the following suggestion:


Come in early (at least six months in advance) and learn to dance a number of styles through normal private or group classes. This gives you many dance styles to impress others and enjoy at your Reception and makes the choice of a wedding dance much easier.

Come in 2 – 3 months in advance of the wedding to allow you enough time to just focus on the wedding dance.


I work with you to select a dance to meet your special needs:

Each wedding dance prepared is special and personalised – whether you want something simple and traditional, or something more funky with changes in song or dance style.

I will adapt a dance style to go with your song. I suggest you choose a couple of songs you both love, with different rhythms and pace so you have a choice of dance styles.

I take into account the limitations of the dance floor at your venue.




Your wedding dance specialist

Knut Taenzer


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