Wedding Package

Tailor made dance packages for your special day!



Basic Wedding Pack


This Wedding Pack is a course of two to three private lessons

- 50 or 80 minutes each - starting from € 125,--.


The Basic Package will give you some basic steps and simple choreography in your chosen dance. Perfect for those with minimal time, or for the more experienced dancers who just want some assistance with their routine.



Feel Good Wedding Pack


This extended Wedding Pack is for couples who want more than a simple dance . It's a course of four to eight private lessons - 50 or 80 minutes each - starting from € 245,-- .


I'll put together a dance which is lovely to watch but simple to do, and which won't take heaps of practice outside your lessons.


On your lessons, you'll learn a few moves in the dance that best suits your chosen music. This gives the two of you something to practice together, and gives me an idea of what you find easy and what you like best.

Then, you'll learn a fixed sequence that uses those steps and which is tailored to match your piece of music.



De Luxe Wedding Pack


This extraordinary Wedding Pack is for couples who want to show off on their special day. It's a course of more than nine private lessons - 50 or 80 minutes each - starting from € 495,--.


With extended lessons, you have heaps of choice.


You can do a more complex dance than the Basic or Feel Good Wedding Pack would permit: maybe you'd like to impress your guests with a show routine ; maybe you want to use a long song , and to dance to the whole thing; maybe you'd like to do a particular type of dance that's more difficult than beginner level; or maybe you want to do something special to fit in with a theme .


Alternatively, you could use some of your lessons for things other than your wedding dance : you could have your bridal party or your parents take some lessons; you could do a father-daughter dance; or the two of you could learn the basics of a few other dances so you're able to dance together through your reception.


It's completely up to you. Whatever you want, I'll do my very best to make it happen. And whatever you want, I'll work with you to develop a dance that has you looking great on your wedding day.




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